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Andreas Malessa recounts the story of their unusual relationship "Hello. Last year she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize together with the Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege.

He has never asked a Turkish father if he can go out with his daughter before. Nadia Murad belongs to the Yazidi religious minority in northern Iraq.

Looked after by true blue Swabians Zehra had been looked after by the familyʹs neighbours from the age of three to eleven, while her parents were at work.

It goes without saying that I gave up alcohol on my own free will and it wasn't difficult.

When guests come over, Khaled doesn't want us to offer wine or anything.

His unlikely turn off the beaten career track has to do with his Muslim wife. Protestant religion classes were not an option for her as a Muslim or for him, the son of an atheist family.

Michaelʹs father served a military prison term in East Germany for an alleged attempt to escape the country, while his mother had left as a dissident.

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At first I couldn't accept that but since then a few things have become clear to me: It's like I also wouldn't want my friends to smoke a joint.

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