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Resonance FM, Undercurrents and IFIwatch) and still do (e.g. At Tornado, we ended up putting all of Emap’s stations online (including Kiss100 and 13 other UK regional radio stations).We then took on board the iconic festival webcasts for Glastonbury (from 2001-2004) for Playlouder and the BBC, and Reading Festival (including AOL backstage tent).You can stream on-demand too, which is more efficient and manageable if you have high-bandwidth capacity needs (e.g.

Streaming tries to match the quality of delivery to the available network capacity in realtime (for example, if your bandwidth drops, the quality goes down), and doesn’t store the “file” locally: the music or video data is received, played and thrown away.I like that actual rocket scientists thought we had good processes.Definitions: a bit on tech & media language From about 1996, I defined a webcast as including audio and/or video, plus images/photos, plus editorial, plus some kind of user-engagement (e.g. as a more popular term (although streaming actually just describes the technology).“The normal tools I have to tell a story weren’t available to me.”Those actors had a surprising amount of story to tell.The bonus of the real-time format, Hornby said, was that it allowed him to write almost as much dialogue as he wanted.

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From formal TV-style interviews with 3-camera shoots, to Brian May sitting in front of a laptop with a battery-powered guitar…

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