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In the post I wrote the following on the History Summary Crystal Report.

---------------- Version ---------------- Added search feature. Fixed text display errors when wrapping some newlines.

Displays which videos have been viewed and when, with an option to go to the last viewed video in the Contents Tab. Khan Desktop was not designed to be opened this way. ------------ Version 0.7: ------------ Added an Application Update feature.

Minor updates can now be downloaded from Source via Setup / Application Update menu item.

Note this relocates some Algebra Function topics to Trigonometry.

-------------- Version 0.8.6: -------------- Added a tool which lists downloaded video files by their Khan Titles, and provides for their copy and deletion.

Moved the Finance Economics topics to Science Economics and Cryptography topics to Applied Math.

Fixed Update problem - latest khan server data specifies videos with no download URL. Fixed simultaneous Updating and Video Download conflicts - when one completed, the other would be canceled. ------------ Version 0.1: ------------ Initial release on 09/2012.

When selecting such a video for download, it would not be shown in the download list.

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