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Because we know you loved, you will find this on future updates in the game -Milf -Threesome -Exhibitionism/ Public -Voyeurism -Lesbian -Anal -Gloryhole -Toys -Orgy If you are one of the first on try the game and you liked, You have the opportunity to be one of our first patrons, so you will be on credits of the game forever as Ancient wizard! -Powers to vote on pools for upcoming update content. If you really enjoy the game, are expecting for new updates and want to take part of the story development, what are you waiting for?

, this option is available just for the first 20 Patrons who gets this tier.

, this option is available just for the first 20 Patrons who gets this tier.

You are encouraged to ask them questions you have never asked before – you get bonus points.

And here’s something fun you can get bonus points by drinking alcohol in some specific location. Each girl has a very specific taste in gifts, food, even alcohol and you earn more points for treating every girl according to her wishes.

They have different occupations and styles: a fit gym instructor, a hipster girl, a college student, a professor etc.

Each of these girls have a complex personality and when talking to them you also get points.

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With your support, my dream of being able to work on stuff I love and not have to drink cheap booze laying in the streets can become true!

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