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We will also check for mites or insects, as well as molds, so we avoid the most common cannabis pests .If a plant shows male and female flowers from the beginning of flowering, unfortunately we will have to eliminate it immediately from the growing space.

In order to lower the chances to get hermaphrodite plants, you should: mantain good environmental conditions in your growing space, a perfect hygiene, regularly monitor your timers , check your plants for insects and mites, water them regularly with a balanced nutrient solution.Actually, if there are too many comments about the hermaphroditism of a specific strain, the breeder him/herself often withdraws it from the market.Regular cannabis seeds are known for being less sensitive to hermaphroditism than feminized seeds, although this is not an axiom, we must carefully chech our plants for male flowers whatever the type of seed we are growing.Clownfish like Nemo are protandrous, which means they're born male.They live in groups of two large fish—a breeding male and a breeding female—and many smaller fish.

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