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If the build passes all required automated testing in the lab, we will flight (release a build) with a new feature update, application, etc. The build will continue to be evaluated against a set of criteria to ensure it is ready to progress to the next ring.To get builds to Insiders faster, we changed the ordering of how we promote builds between rings, the ring progression criteria, and added a new ring.For example, 14361 -The options for the frequency of Windows 10 Insider Preview builds are called “rings.” Each ring presents a different level of stability and will be delivered on a different build cadence.Rings are used to evaluate the quality of our software as it is released to progressively larger audiences.

Servicing Builds often include bug fixes, minor operating system updates, or other smaller changes as needed.Hello, I'm looking for help on writing valid SAS XPORT files that should be validated by Pinnacle21 validator, and will be send to FDA, this SAS XPORT version 5 (SDTM 1.5). So far so good, I managed to get a file I think correct, but the validator still complains on "I'm a Windows user, program in C#, my company has no SAS software and will not afford a license.May you also advice me a text editor that is user-friendly at displaying the ascii code characters I encounter in xpt file?Because we are also validating a build on a smaller set of devices before releasing, there is also a chance that some features might fail in some device configurations.If significantly blocked, report the issue to us in the Feedback Hub app or the Windows Insider forums and be ready to reinstall Windows using the Media Creation Tool, see instructions at Download Windows 10, or, for Mobile, the Windows Device Recovery Tool, see instructions at Windows Phone Device Recovery.

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