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Pour yourself a stiff one and get your podcast on HARD! With Mama on vacation this week, we're taking a trip back to the first year of the Happy Hour Podcast when we got to meet Sexy Liberal Bob Cesca in person for the first time.

He commented at every opportunity on how much he hated doing the "intimate" scenes on QAF.. My ranking of the US Qa F cast, from lowest to highest:- The lesbian couple (can't even remember their names). If he was such an iconoclast, he would never do anything like that.

The decision was ultimately mine and mine alone.” "The Good Place," Sept.

19 on NBCMichael Schur does not disappoint, and neither does his newest series.

Through them I learned that there is still an army of frauen who are obsessed with the US version of this show, stalking the seemingly shy and private Harold endlessly online and via various FB groups and fan boards. When he was on Talk Soup I was sure he was gay, and he had the cutest twink face. A person like Hal Sparks is someone who I wouldn’t know how he pays the bills in an expensive city like LA.

When he was cast on Queer as Folk I was not a bit surprised (since I thought he was gay, or at least bi). I wouldn’t think he’d have become rich off of Talk Soup 20 years ago or on an ensemble cable show like QAF. He was on her show constantly, and then abruptly cut ties.

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