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It will not be as much fun as being there but it will do for now, if I come down to you too often my grandparents might get suspicious, I don't want to cause you any trouble, Tony" Linda replied."That sounds good to me Judge Linda" Wendy laughed, "My period should be over tomorrow so I'll be ready for him...Half an hour later she served baked fish in a white sauce, potatoes 'Au Gratin,' peas and green beans.I was greatly impressed and told her so, I could hear her purring from across the table, the only thing she forgot was the seasoning in the sauce."An alternative solution that I thought of whilst sat on the toilet, Your Honour," I said, "Is that we both abstain tonight, except for kisses and cuddles before sleep and if her period has finished tomorrow and she's feeling better, I would happily accept her ass on my lap and that you could watch from the screen and we could watch you with your new toy as compensation." "Hmmm...Better make it eleven pm when the oldies have gone to sleep.Linda spoke and said, "We have discussed the problem and Judge Linda (giggles) has decreed that there will be no sex tonight.

A few days abstinence will make for a better fuck then won't it? "Maybe you're right" she said still looking sad, but then a smile came to her lips, "But a blowjob would take my mind off of it though, but not tonight, please just hold me, honey." So I did until she fell asleep.Wendy thought that it sounded good, so she decided to do the same until she passed her driving test. The next day during my lunch break I had the solicitor transfer the monies as requested to the various accounts and would inform the girls later.When I got home I found Wendy asleep on the couch with a blanket over her, I left her there and started dinner as she obviously hadn't.I carried the soup on a tray to her and she ate it and a little bread.At nine pm we called Linda on the Skype and told her of the transfers and the argument.

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