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Gift Card Granny's money savings expert, Trae Bodge, shares helpful tips and tricks to add to your savings wherever you shop.

Using gift card deals and budget friendly tips, she shows how you can use your budget more effectively.

The Grand Pad is a secure tablet computer and the bad guys can't get to it like they can a PC, laptop, or other small tablet.

It is designed and built especially with seniors in mind.

The Grand Pad app lets you easily send pictures and videos to the Grand Pad in your family.

The easiest way to get it is to get an invitation from your appointed family admin for the Grand Pad.

After collecting extensive data on market trends, discounts, and buying habits, we report on important developments in the marketplace.Plain and simple: our goal is to help you save money.Since 2009, our company has grown to the largest discount gift card website on the Internet.These new games will automatically show up on your Grand Pad with no additional charge.If you don't want a game or application, we can simply remove it--just tap the help button and ask a member support agent.

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