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Then you simply send him a check with a note explaining that you wanted to clear this debt. Re: My Son Adores His Plus-Size Wife, and My Mother Despises Her: There’s no family harmony or good memories when some members of the family get to be cruel and insulting and other members of the family get to “suck it up.” Accept that Mom has isolated her grandson and his wife by her own actions, tell your son that you understand, and move on. A: Flirting is a private language: the lowered eyes, the hair toss, the lingering glance, the playful smile.A: Agreed that the grandson is taking a very justifiable stand, and the father just has to accept his mother is the cause of this estrangement. Flirtatious Wife: I noticed over the course of several months that a buddy of mine’s wife was overly flirty, hanging around me a bit too much in social situations, a little too touchy. My wife told me she noticed it too and thinks this woman has the hots for me. All you have to do when you’re around this woman is to demonstrate an utter inability to speak this language. My Son Adores His Plus-Size Wife, and My Mother Despises Her: My mother has always had an unreasonable dislike for excess weight.She hardly eats and harangues her daughters and daughters-in-law each time they have a baby to lose the weight immediately.I will do you the favor of pretending this never happened, and it better never happen again.” Fortunately, your wife gets this, so you two can present a united front. How is it not a “moral obligation” to pay someone back who’s loaned you money?

My wife and I loved her instantly, but we worried about my mother’s reaction.

But if the old country was so great, what are the parents doing in the new country? You tell them if their main goal in life was your finding a traditional Chinese husband, they made a huge error by raising you in the United States.

You explain this diverse society has—to your delight—brought your way a wonderful young man whom you love. A couple years ago my now ex-boyfriend loaned me a large amount of money when I was in a tight spot.

I think my husband suspects we get along a little too well. Nothing physical has happened between Josh and me, but a few “moments” strongly suggest that the feelings are returned.

I have no idea how to move forward without tearing apart their family or ending up alone or unhappy.

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