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The only other physical difference is that Garmin has finally gotten rid of the “flip up” GPS antenna.

As much as I didn’t like the flip up design, being able to disable the GPS did have some advantages.

The screen is one area where the Nuvi 200 performs better than the 300 series. Under the hood the Nuvi has a very powerful chipset which had no trouble quickly acquiring a signal within my office, kept a strong signal, and never dropped out when near tall buildings.

A few of the menu items have been rearranged a little bit if you are used to other Nuvi designs, but not so much that they make an important difference in function. ” menu has been changed to include a separate button for Points of Interest rather than cramming them all into the parent menu.

So now when you take the GPS off the mount you also need to disconnect the power cable and have a power cable dangling inside your car. It is brighter than the screen on the 300 series and is visible from a wider viewing angle.

It just isn’t as clean as the mount for the 300 series. The whites are extremely white and bright sunlight never made the Nuvi screen difficult to read.

The mount is still easy to assemble, easy to adjust thanks to the ball and socket joint, compact, and a nice simple design.

The Garmin Nuvi 200 series has started to hit store shelves, and we’ve finally put enough miles on our Nuvi 200 to produce a comprehensive review.

As the name implies, the Nuvi 200 series is designed to set a new mark for the entry level Nuvi series.

I often fly for work and I like to calculate how long it will take to get from my destination airport to the hotel. Another interesting change in the 200 series is the suction cup mount.

I’ve praised the mount on the 300 series as being the absolute best mount in the industry.

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The other Nuvi devices can only calculate routes starting at your current location unless you perform a weird workaround of disabling the GPS, setting a new location, and then calculating a route.

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