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Fleets had until December 2017 to implement certified ELDs to record HOS.Fleets that were already equipped with electronic logging technology (AOBRDs) before December 2017 have until December 2019 to ensure compliance with the published specifications.Opponents, myself included, say it is not needed because volunteer programs are already working well.

I believe all citizens of this country should want to spend some part of their lives in public service and that the government should not only encourage them to do so but also provide significant opportunities and incentives.

However, it should be a campaign issue and whoever becomes president in 2020 should expand the opportunities in the civilian sector for those willing and able to serve country.

And she or he should also reward those who volunteer to serve.

Adam Kissel, who formerly served in the Trump administration’s Department of Education, learned about the proposal after asking the center about a “pronoun guide” on the private university’s website (below).

In a Wednesday letter to President Sylvia Burwell that he shared with The College Fix, Kissel expressed concerns about mandatory compliance with the pronoun guide.

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