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Each of our speed dating events take place in stylish, chic and centrally located venues across London.

If you’re on Tinder, you’re probably familiar with this thought process; this is generally my experience every time I open it.

Why not try one of our upcoming events like Speed Dating Islington or Speed Dating Balham.

We know youll be pleasantly surprised by who you meet at our events and remember everyone is there for the same reason; to meet new people, expand their social circles and hopefully (fingers crossed) meet someone special.

Badoo and Zoosk have a lot of French girls living in the London area. They go largely with the natural look -- very easy on the war paint -- yet manage to optimize their attractiveness. And the language sounds so great to my ear, unlike, say, Deutsch, with all its harsh consonants. Probably exchange students and language schools or online language exchange would give an easy source of girls open to meeting foreigners etc. Some better advice, as momopi said learn french and go to french.

I sound better speaking French than English -- adenoidal qualities seem to fit a little better and become less offputting. Even in France itself there is less feminism than here. I agreee to get to know French or European women (as in Dutch, German, Swiss) it is better to do so when you are young and studying at school. A fair amount of dating goes on there too but it's highly frowned on by the admin. But truth as the second post as Rocky top said why french?

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