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If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.Over the past few years, my income had steadily decreased because of the effects of the recession.I wish I could suck your dick clean afterwards.”Her hand motion quickens and her breath becomes short. She enters her bedroom and I manage to get inside with her just as she tries to slam the door.

Slim, with smallish breasts, peachy skin tone and well toned legs. Oh god, I wish you were coming all over my little tits. ”“Long enough, Amy, long enough.”“Oh god, you saw me come, you dirty sod. ”“You won’t be telling your Mom, Amy.”She looked at me, as if to challenge me, then a smirk played on her lips. I got my self together and chased her up the stairs, gaining speed and nearly catching her.

Now here she is talking like she is working on one of those sex chatlines.

Her dirty talk has me rooted to the spot.“Is your cock nice and hard, Tom?

Wish your tongue was licking my clit.”I wondered if it was true, I needed to find out, so on tip toes I moved to the lounge door which was very slightly open. Amy was sat in an armchair, with just her nightie on.

As nimbly as I could, I pushed the door ajar, praying that the door didn’t creak. The nightie was hitched up to reveal her pretty polka dot knickers. Lying through my teeth.“Bet you couldn’t manage it anyway, you’re getting on a bit now.”I looked at her angrily and told her I could if I wanted to, and to watch her manners as she wasn’t too old to be put across my knee and have her bum slapped.“Oh yeah, you’d have to catch me first, don’t think you’d have any energy left by the time you had.”I snapped, lunging towards her, making as if to grab her.

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