Fonts not validating mac

Following are the instructions to reinstall OS X if anything goes wrong.

Restart your Mac and immediately hold down Command and R keys at the same time for 15 seconds and this will boot your Mac to the Mac OS X Utilities screen. Then follow the instructions to reinstall your Mac OS X.

For specific errors, see the following: If a tool in Photoshop isn't working properly (for example, the crop tool crops a tiny little gray square, or painting with a brush paints the wrong color or nothing at all), try resetting the tool settings: to get the search dialog box, type the tool you're looking for, and select your desired result.I'd not recommend to delete system fonts as many apps depend on them to work. You will see how many good and bad fonts are there. Click Delete Checked button Ok, that is not what I am trying to do.Yes, Font book will filter out corrupted and problem fonts. After validating fonts, you will the number of corrupted and problem fonts. In Font Book, click on Edit menu and select Select All or press Command A to select all fonts. After it has finished, you will see a All tab at top left of that screen. I want to move all unnecesary fonts out of the system folder, whether they are good or not. I found an extensis guide to cleaning up Mac OS fonts, but it is a bit older. You can select the problem fonts from there and delete them. if not, can you let me know where I can find a font practice guide for 10.11.2 please Utilities folder and open Font Book. After selecting all fonts, click on File menu and select Validate Fonts.

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