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These days we are inundated with television shows that cater to those hoping to find love.

Whether it’s competing for a rose or marrying someone 5 minutes after meeting, lots of folks out there are searching for What we don’t see is a dating show dedicated to the LGBTIQA community.

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And I would want to WATCH sexually fluid dating because …? I'm not going to be watching.#4 - Actually, MTV started out as a great concept: 24-hr, new-wave glam-band music videos introduced by likeable "VJ's" such as Nina Blackwood and Martha Quinn. Wasn't until the 90'S that it started running off the rails with all the stupid "reality" shows like Real World. I am so old that I actually remember when the M in MTV stood for "music". The survey found that a plurality of voters, 43 percent, favor no action against the president, including 44 percent of independents.

The intention is to examine what it means to find love as a sexually fluid individual and the challenges involved with searching for a perfect partner.

The MTV dating show has been running for eight seasons, but in its latest iteration, it has introduced the first sexually fluid season.

True to the reality TV dating formula, a group of singletons are chucked together in a villa on a tropical island in the hope of finding true love.

But the key difference is that all contestants are sexually fluid and dating experts have already pre-matched couples based on their compatibility.

Now they are flipping the script once again with a brand new show.

will focus on those who don’t see gender as a one way street.

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The contestants then have to complete a series of challenges to figure out the pairings, with a million dollars at stake if they guess correctly.

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