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Researchers are still debating the existence of the G-spot.And a similar argument has long raged over the phenomenon of female ejaculation.So I eventually discovered within my circle of female friends someone who girl-squirts enough to extinguish a five-alarm fire. But she refused to believe that my True Female Ejaculation weren’t with prostitutes, clinging to the notion that only a whore would agree to such a thing.And guess what: she does it for herself, no man expects it of her. I was subsequently introduced to — and had sexy fun with — a whole new culture of women: Squirters. By this point I considered her perspective on sex would be forever unenlightened and toxic. But that’s not the whole story, says Florian Wimpissinger, M.D., a urologist at Rudolfstiftung Hospital in Austria who has studied the “female prostate” and ejaculation. Wimpissinger says some women do lose control of their bowels during sex—and this is probably the case when a woman “squirts” fluid during orgasm.So try to avoid such chaotic situations by yourself keeping in time in advance in less than two months.If it is followed by a proven methodology with enough passion and dedication, you usually end up with a little success in dating online business.

But there’s no research that suggests women need to ejaculate to experience great pleasure during sex.

Others may simply release a ton of lubricating fluid in the middle of intercourse.

This, coupled with especially strong contractions of the muscles in the walls of the vagina, could lead to a larger-than-average amount of discharge, additional research has shown.

Remember that sometimes you have a drought in the world of online dating and is usually temporary and will pass very quickly.* Posts Archives and verify inconsistencies and irregularities in the information.

Just Don’t Get It in Your Eye What can I say: I love girl-squirt. In no particular order: clitoral, vaginal, anal, (and what I now call) “hosal” If you could cum four different ways from now ‘til next Sunday, wouldn’t you?

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Fortunately, a half dozen recent studies have helped clear away the fog surrounding “squirting.” Here's what you should know. What many women think of as “ejaculating" is actually just "coital incontinence," scientists say. (But that's not all—see What Actually Happens During a Female Orgasm.) One French research team used ultrasound technology and chemical analysis to monitor both the bladders and secretions of women who claimed to “squirt” during orgasm.

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