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A week or two prior to this, the Renaissance Club were behind the crush of people at the opening of the new Voyage boutique in Covent Garden, with cocktails aplenty.So popular was the event, that even Boy George couldn't get in. I really like my West End Girl, but she is very expensive and the distance is also a real problem.....so to help me decide I decided to dte a local girl.Well day three came, and plenty of texts were exchanged, I had a feeling she was going to cancel on me, as sometimes you just get that feeling, when there are lots of questions.But true to her word, we met as planned, and I have to say it was a pleasant surprise, she was much better in the flesh, and she looked pretty good in her pics.

And if you're new into London, and you don't know many people in the city, you can almost buy yourself an instant social life! Another organisation takes a slightly different approach to the issues facing the singleton.The restaurants offer up to 20% discount, and in some cases also offer your first drink free, or a free bottle of house wine.Chances are you probably frequent these venues already, in which case the club will save you money.Their exclusive parties, and the superb discounts from the type of bars, restaurants and clubs you should probably be frequenting already!They organise parties around London that tend to attract well-heeled and good looking people.

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