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Most first dates are just that – a first and date — so don’t freak out if he doesn’t turn out to be the way you thought, or if you don’t have chemistry right off the bat.

Here’s one of the first date tips for women I like to dole out: if you shift your thinking to looking at first dates as the opportunity to sharpen your social skills and have fun, you’ll get much more out of them.

Most places have a wide range of dress styles, from dressy casual to more formal. Better to show up in a dress and heels than torn jeans and flip flops!

Keep your outfit simple and streamlined, and avoid loud patterns that might distract attention away from what you’re saying on your date.

There sometimes is a fine line between researching a man you’re going out with and stalking him.

I mean, c’mon: can you honestly say you’ve never Googled a guy or looked him up on social media?

I’ve met women who are getting back to dating after a divorce, and who are understandably nervous about going on first dates (especially if it’s been decades since they last did).

What you don’t want to do is come off crazy on a first date (save that for later!

) by mentioning something on his Linked In or Facebook page when he didn’t share it with you. If he gets salad dressing on his chin, ask if he wants a little lettuce to go with it.

These women machine-gun questions at the poor guys until they’re just about dead. Sure, ask a few questions, but let him ask them too. In fact, you might get to know him better by keeping the conversation light and easy.

Rather than only asking questions that help you understand if this guy is long-term material (because trust me: even if he answers the way you want, you can in no way know that you’re compatible like that on a first date), throw in some zany questions to warm him up: I understand that you might be nervous on a first date, and so might have trouble loosening up and being yourself.

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