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It claimed it was based on “scientific theories in the relationship literature of assortative mating”, the ASA said.The dating service submitted copies of two published studies that reported higher levels of marital satisfaction for couples who met through e Harmony than any other offline or online methods.Evans is currently being held at the Loudon County Detention Center on charges of abduction with intent to defile and forcible sodomy, according to the Post.Troxell said that during the course of the investigation investigators grew concerned that Evans may have done this before but that those vitims had not come forward yet.Anyone with knowledge of someone who may have been a victim should contact Investigator Bobbie Ochsman of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division at 703-777-0475.Online dating site e announced a new service that might seem counterintuitive for an online dating site: human matchmaking.Therefore, neither study provided insight into the likelihood of the website finding users lasting love compared to users who did not use the service.“Because the evidence provided by e Harmony did not demonstrate that their matching system offered users a significantly greater chance of finding lasting love than what could be achieved if they didn’t use the service, we concluded that the claim ‘scientifically proven matching system’ was misleading.” Romain Bertrand, the managing director of e Harmony UK, said: “Although we respectfully disagree with the ASA’s findings, we are happy to work with them to assure that our advertising is as clear as possible.” In 2009 the ASA found that an e Harmony television advert stating that 2 per cent of newlyweds in the US said they had met through its service was misleading because it was extrapolated from an online survey but gave the impression it was a definitive figure.

The offending advertisement, which was seen by the complainant in July last year, said: “Step aside, fate.

It uses a closely guarded compatibility matching algorithm to pair users, and requires them to complete lengthy relationship questionnaires to determine their personality traits, values, interests and other factors.

In its defence, it told the ASA the algorithm was based on data collected from more than 50,000 married couples in 23 different countries, which it said resulted in statistical models yielding cut-off thresholds for scores indicating a high probability of successful relationships if married.

The counselors will be psychologists or certified marriage counselors and will interview e H clients over Skype, or via phone.

They’ll then search the site on behalf of the customer.

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But the ASA found that the results of the studies did not justify using the words that were the subject of the complaint.

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