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While pleased that she is having a positive effect on aspiring drummers, she’s perplexed as to why she’s even needed.“I sincerely don’t get why I have to exist for girls to open their minds to drumming.” Though she may be tough and not overly concerned about the fact that she’s a girl, Elaine does have a fun, edgy style.

” “Brace yourself,” she says, “It’s a long answer.” “When I was younger I never thought to myself ‘I want to be a drummer.’” Yet here she is, drummer for Neon Trees, a post-punk-soul-pop band from Provo, Utah. Attracted to drums as a kid (“Probably because they were so physical, and I liked all things physical,” she says), she begged and pleaded her parents for a drum kit.Once her parents realized she was serious about the drums they invested in a Tama Rockstar DX for her 13 birthday.In high school she started her first band with some friends.“First of all because it’s slenderizing…second because it’s fun to act out since I can’t for gigs.” Her style is ultimately all about balance.“I like symmetry in asymmetrical ways,” she says as she shows me her one dangly earring to balance her hair which is styled on the other side.

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