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Much of the show takes place within the school’s Kappa Tau Gamma or Omega Chi Delta fraternities, or the Omega Chi Delta sorority.

Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer) is a member of the Zeta Beta Zeta house, the number one sorority on campus.

He’s the president of the Kappa Tau Gamma fraternity, the black sheep fraternity at CRU, and at one time dated Casey, who he’s still in love with.

Evan Chambers (Jake Mc Dorman) is the President of Omega Chi Delta, the number one fraternity on campus.

He and Cappie used to be best friends, until they pledged different fraternities and Evan started dating Casey.

Calvin Owens (Paul James) is a Greek legacy because of his father’s involvement.

She’s one half of the CRU’s power couple and feels she’s destined for greatness.

When her little brother Rusty (Jacob Zachar) pledges Greek, Kappa Tau Gamma, she helps him out where she can.

When the word “family” is actually in the name of the channel, then you can imagine that it’s not going to be a accurate representation of college.

Highly religious, he has pledged chastity and is known for sticking by his “Purity Pledge Brothers” at all times.

Grant and Calvin try to make their relationship work but are having difficulties dating inside the house.

But you have to give the producers of “Greek” credit for their continued attempts to smirk at the limitations of their location – like, say, offering up an episode where Rusty (Jacob Zachar) thinks he’s courting a young lass but quickly discovers that what he’s actually found is a “fun buddy.” “Fun buddy.” .

So what’s going on in the hallowed halls of Cyprus-Rhodes this time around?

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Meanwhile Rusty and Jordan are the last two standing in the ongoing campus game but...

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