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The specific metabolic rates, as previously estimated for adults aged , respectively (9).We assume in this study that there are no race differences in these specific metabolic rates.This second residual mass definition differs slightly from that in experiment 1, in which residual mass was calculated as the difference between body mass and the sum of adipose tissue, SM, and bone mass.We then examined the relations between these compartments and weight, height, age, and race by using the same procedures are for the estimation of SM mass.The RMR of each tissue and organ is derived as the product of organ mass and tissue-specific metabolic rate.Tissue and organ mass content are derived by whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI; 8, 9).

A new approach to the exploration of between-group RMR differences is the modeling of energy exchange in the context of tissue-organ body composition (1, 8).

We also examined the relations between RMR estimates and FFM in the matched women and, for consistency, we calculated FFM from MRI estimates, rather than DXA, as the sum of SM, bone, residual, and fat-free adipose tissue mass.

We assumed that fat-free adipose tissue mass is 15% of adipose tissue mass (9, 11).

Four tissue-organ compartments were evaluated: adipose tissue, SM, bone, and residual mass.

Adipose tissue and SM mass were estimated by whole-body MRI scanning as previously reported (8–10).

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