Did lauren conrad dating brody who is saoirse ronan dating

She doesn't look anorexic either, she's skinny yes but that can be achieved with a healthy diet and exercise which her show "the hills" shows she does. It turns out there was nothing real about that part of the former MTV reality show.During his new podcast Thursday, "The Brody Jenner Podcast with Dr.Mike Dow," Kim Kardashian's stepbrother admitted that the duo's relationship was not as it seemed on the show.

In fact, starting a family wasn't even a part of their plan back then.After she was outed by Brody, Heidi admitted it on her blog: "Me and Spencer did spread the false rumors about Lauren Conrad's sex tape." But the next day, she went on the say that it was hacked & she never admitted anything. Originally, it was a "J", which was for her ex-boyfriend Jason Whaler.:) Their are no proven statements stating that Lauren Conrad is anorexic.Jen Bunney, Lauren's old pal from Laguna, sure had an unforgettable 21st birthday party: after LC gave a heartfelt toast about how much their friendship meant to her, Jen hooked up (off-camera) with Brody.She didn't shed any mascara tears, but Lauren wasn't too pleased -- and neither were we -- as evidenced by her reaction in the clip above. Sin City Brody's 24th b-day celebration = another lip lock. The show came full circle when Lauren made a triumphant return, paying Brody a visit after he bid farewell to an overseas-bound K-Cav.

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