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Feel free to shoot some questions his way to learn more about yours truly.

He’s a pretty simple chat bot, but the more question he gets, the more he learns and improves!

Update chatbot modes:- man (age limit 18 );- woman (age limit 18 );- Viu;- Kate;- Virt (age limit 18 );- Sexy (age limit 18 ).18 modes present sex chat bot.

I've rounded up some of the top chatbots on each platform in the list below. Some developers and companies believe that people are tired of apps and would rather use bots.And if you’re ambitious, it can even talk to your mom for you when you’re “busy”.Myself along with three other new IBMers-Zach Eslami, Nathan Robinson, and Nada Zaher-,who also had no experience building chatbots, set out to “bot myself” – and so now we give you, Adam the Chatbot (if you don’t have Facebook use this).What we're more likely to see in the future are smarter bots at home (like Amazon's Alexa), on our phones and in our car that will help automate our lives.But anyone who's been fed up with Siri when looking up something knows we're just not there yet.

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