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The best stories are told when it deals with their lives and not the men.

Also it has the same problem as my last review where the threats aren't menacing enough to keep your attention.

But after the camera changes to Piper with the blanket and back again, his reflection is gone.

See more » Not my favorite since it deals with depressing issues and tries to be too sentimental.

Andy finds Tony's picture, with the newspaper in his hands. Piper freezes a bullet in flight and Prue flings Tony downstairs. They discover that Wong hid documents on Mark's body to fool the police into thinking it was he who had died.Piper freezes Wong in place and photographs him with a newspaper announcing his own death to prove to the police that he is alive.The song featured in the opening sequence is How Soon Is Now?performed by Love Spit Love, originally performed by The Smiths.

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Yet a few things I liked where the music, the homely clothes the girls wear and exploring different parts of San Francisco.

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