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Buffy drowned in season one of the show, but was quickly brought back.

She died again in season five and actually went to hell, but again was brought back.

Oh, and the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz would have the most attractive children ever was another reason it was all super hot.

If you were creating a time capsule for aliens or future humans to see what the ‘90s looked like, this picture would obviously be included.

While you could put a white button down shirt on just about anyone and it would look hot, Sarah Michelle Gellar looks outrageously hot wearing a white button down shirt in this photo.

She was on televisions and she was on the big screen. Since the '90s, Gellar has devoted her life to other ventures, so as to have more time with her family.

Now that Angel has his soul and his back from hell, Good Angel and Buffy engage in a romantic relationship but they can never again spend the night together or else Angel will go all bad boy.

It’s, like, some of the most tragic love in the history of television.

There was a third time during which Buffy was shot, but Willow magically stopped Buffy from dying.

Like we said, coming back from hell or the death is pretty commonplace on .

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