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Pete Williams, ASD, Public Affairs News Brief dated 23 April 1991 from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) regarding the Air Force Advanced Tactical Fighter.

The new collection, commonly identified as HRC2, continues to utilize the War Department Decimal File organizational system to remain compatible with its predecessor.

Through back and forth banter and light conversation, you can find out if you relate to this person, if he or she is funny, smart, or loves baseball, for example. Be yourself, make jokes, ask questions, and spend a little time talking (if he's ready to meet that night without so much as a "Hello," you'll know you're not on the same page).

Autumn, 1982, by Arnaldo Momigliano that discusses the trend of skepticism towards the value of historical evidence, and the rumor that historians manipulate date to make propaganda for the political, social, and religious beliefs they believe in.

Unlike its predecessor, however, the new collection is cataloged only on this electronic file, and is not included in the Historical Resources Branch's 5"x8" card index.

And if and when you do find someone who wants to plan a date, just remember: coffee first.

That proffer froze the existing collection even though it remains in the custody of the Center until such time as no longer needed by the Center's employees and required the establishment of a second collection to accession new materials.

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