It's me who turns up on his doorstep, paid for train tickets, and done the mileage.

One time I even had to beg for him to take me to the coach station 15 minutes away by train (I had heavy bags).

He had also been receiving emails from a year or so before..saying he couldn't unsubscribe. I'm sorry to say this but I do actually believe, and I'm sure your probably wondering too whether there is something else going on here.

The dating industry has exploded on the Internet and while it looks as if some segments has reached its peak it also seems as if there’s nothing stopping the dating industry.

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In fact I usually encourage him to meet up with them, but he doesn't.

I am a bit possessive in terms of him with porn, I really don't appreciate it, but not many girls do.

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I never used to be possessive, I doubt I am overly possessive now.

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