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But should you choose, like Cher’s intrepid BFF Dionne, to pick from the pool most easily accessible to you (and trust us, there’s no shame in doing so), here are the five types you should be ready to encounter.

Perhaps you already have and are already getting ready for the ultimate collaboratibr art project…

But watch out: success at any cost is the name of his game, and he may be a little too used to getting what he wants.

The prospects for long-term fidelity are low in this one.

Granted, you probably have common interests, friends, and experiences.

For obvious reasons, dating in the art world is a major gamble.

After all, do you really want someone pocketing your hair ties all the time?

He secretly fancies himself something of a modern day Ernest Hemingway, and this, along with the fact that he probably received little attention from the fairer sex until around his sophomore year of college, is likely to blame for his womanizing ways.He’s surveying the crowd through those impenetrable, intoxicating eyes, probably deciding which collectors to shmooze with based on how expensive their wife’s handbag looks.Born and raised in one of the major art cities (New York, London, etc.), he likely graduated from a top tier prep school, headed to an Ivy, and chose the art industry because of his legacy status, even while his friends opted for banking, lawyering, or business school. He knows everyone (seriously, a major opening is practically a family school reunion for this dude), will only take you to nice restaurants, and always has something witty to say at cocktail parties (even if you’ve already heard him say it a hundred times).Picture your average college frat boy—backwards baseball cap, t shirt, red solo cup—and add a predilection for painting derivative, zombie formalist canvases, and you’ve got yourself an Art Bro. While previous generations of male artist cliques (think those helmed by the likes of Jasper Johns or Dash Snow) fought to redefine the status quo, these guys aren’t into that. Nhưng chắc hẳn phải có gì đó thì mới tin tưởng nhau dữ đến vậy, chứ không doanh nhân mà bị lừa giấy tờ giả bời hoa hậu.

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There’s a good chance he has zero clue what he’s doing, and relies on persuasive gallerists and cute art advisors to spend his money for him.

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