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It’s not like this is an example of couples getting into physical altercations or making verbal threats to each other.

However, the simple act of crossing someone’s boundaries by looking at their personal property without permission is what causes these actions to slip into unhealthy relationship territory.

If someone joins a bike group to meet a romantic partner they might end up with tons of friends too.

And then maybe those friends have more friends, one of which you might want to date!

So, who knows what kind of awesome and potentially influential information you could learn by going app-less in April while you are also improving your mood and decreasing stress." -Koretz"I suggest [my clients] get 'lover sober' by doing a 'dating detox'.

Instead, I have them date themselves — and they make some huge strides in terms of learning about themselves and how (and why) they relate to partners as they do. D., Licensed Psychologist"My advice for someone participating is to get social and look for connection in the real world.

Plus if you meet someone doing an activity or at a favorite restaurant you have the benefit of being more likely to have things in common with that person (because of self selection) and you've been doing something you enjoy anyway." - Janna Koretz Psy.

D, Licensed Psychologist And Founder Of Azimuth Psychological"There's been a lot of research about how mindfulness improves mood and decreases stress.

Now, you’re probably wondering how is checking someone’s phone without their permission considered a warning sign for dating abuse?Bonus — when you are ready to go back on the dating apps, there will be a slew of fresh new talent waiting to entertain you!" - Giusy Castiglione, Founder & CEO of Dates Spotz"When you decide to delete your dating apps, be realistic and take it one week at a time.Take yourself off the market entirely and put the pursuit of finding a mate on the back burner.Focus on yourself and put all that time and energy into something that you wanted to learn to do or do more of." - Rhonda Milrad, M. W, Founder and CEO of Relationup"Clients who date offline have the added benefit of making friends when dating.

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Flirt with a stranger in line at the grocery store or your favorite coffee shop.

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