Dating tips for plus size women

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Our century is said to be the epoch of body positivity when, after the decades of disrespectful discrimination, all shapes are finally treated as equally beautiful.Over the course of those eight years I gained 60 or so pounds (I was already curvy to begin with, I am a size 20W now.) Now I feel like I am figuring out how to date in a new kind of dating culture, and everything is through apps and online, be it Bumble or Tinder or whatever, and a big part of that culture is swiping based on looks alone.I've heard that women's worst fear with online dating is being murdered, and men's is the girl showing up and "being fat" and I just have no faith in dating right now.I believe if it hadn’t been my weight, they would have chosen something else to be nasty about. Dont post move along if dont like weight type stuff. Like someone else said, it depends how you wear it.It helps to develop a thick skin, no matter your size. Im much more looking for a nice smile personality and hobbies/interests. I mean to a certain extent but only if you are like double my weight. The hottest fling I ever had was with a woman with lots of curves and a belly.

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