Dating someone with kid

In order to make it work, you've got to be flexible and sane enough to realize just how much your honey loves you -- no matter how much he or she also loves the kids.

Before taking that life-altering plunge to be married with children, here are eight things to think about.

If you do generally enjoy children, then the issue to consider is whether you like your sweetie's kids.

It sounds cruel but it is possible to have irreconcilable differences with children, especially when they're not your own and if they scowl at you all the time.

Find out exactly what the custody situation your partner and his or her ex have arranged, and consider whether the time you both will have with the kids is doable for you.

Part-timers may find having kids around every other weekend palatable, but babysitters are heaven-sent for full-timers.

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Knowing you're your partner had someone else before you is bad enough, but having to tolerate a continued relationship, whether it's friendly or just businesslike for the kids' sake, is downright gut-wrenching.

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