Dating someone who has kids

Someone in his/her late 20s, early/mid 30s, how do you feel about dating someone who has a kid from a previous marriage?

Especially when you aren't even ready for a kid yourself...?

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If you like someone and notice that things are still complicated between them and their ex, you might want to think carefully before getting involved. Just because they aren’t your child doesn’t mean you won’t have to make compromises in your life.

Children can suffer a lot from their parents breaking up with someone, even if didn’t consider it to be a serious or long term relationship.

If you want to date someone with kids, you need to be open to the idea of a longer term commitment and be ready to let new people into your life. It’s all well and good to get on really well with your new partner and their child, but if you and the child’s other parent don’t get along then this can cause a lot of conflict.

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I still hung out and had fun with my childless friends, but not as often.

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