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After communication, simply knowing a lot about your partner is a powerful way of showing that you care, and makes you better equipped to tend to their ongoing needs. People who are skilled at self-management take inventories of their strengths and weaknesses and always strive for improvement. People also want their partners to take good care of themselves. Self-management This is not the same as life skills, Epstein insists.When communicating with SF people, INTPs should keep to communication that is based upon feelings, facts and concrete sensations.The problem, however, is that INTPs find it difficult to maintain dialogue in this way.When communicating, INTPs come across as respectful, well thought out, and to the point, but at times may appear a bit remote. But, with people of equal intelligence they may enter into discussions or debates.INTPs often distance themselves from superficial acquaintanceship and keep to a social circle of colleagues and like-minded individuals.

This probably happens because a significant proportion of NF people judge based on their feelings whereas INTPs strive to maintain the most objective and impartial view.

with people in their own typological group, INTPs can be open to an active discussion.

People in this group have about the same way of looking at the world as this type does and therefore INTPs find it easy to share their views with other NTs and in turn comprehend their reasoning and views.

When communicating with sensory/thinking (ST) people including ESTJ, ISTJ, ESTP, and ISTP personality types, INTPs should keep to communication based on facts and their direct consequences.

This type of communication is fairly acceptable for INTPs on the one hand, and on the other it seems to be best suited to the way ST people think, and they comprehend it well.

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