Dating site for pregnant women

Have a willing relative or good friend look after your baby for you while you enjoy having quality time with your partner.

It is all about finding a happy balance between motherhood and dating.

It is important that you date someone who you are attracted to and not simply someone you think would be good at helping you raise a baby, which isn’t fair on them.

A good way to discover if they don’t mind the fact that you are pregnant is to talk about the baby.

If you choose to hide your pregnancy, then there is going to be heartache further down the line when your date discovers the truth.

You risk ruining a perfectly healthy relationship not to mention putting yourself under unnecessary stress, which is the last thing you need during pregnancy.

There are no rules to say you shouldn’t date while pregnant. Others may judge you, but you are not doing anything wrong, and it is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.

Your life still has to continue, so if you decide to date while pregnant, don’t feel guilty about putting your needs first.

This is why you must put yourself first; your date might not always be there for you, but your baby will, and you need to be strong to look after them, and not worry about what your date is up to.

Don’t settle for someone because they are willing to take on you and your baby.

However tempting this offer may sound, you must be realistic and visualise how you see your future together.

It is perfectly normal and acceptable to date while pregnant.

During pregnancy dating is the last thing on some women’s mind, while others have a strong urge to date.

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