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Rugby players constantly support their teammates on the field so it's only expected that this support follows them into their personal lives. (Look it up)If it's one thing I have discovered from dating a rugby player it's that they know how to clap back, and quickly.

If you mean anything to them, you can expect a rugby player to support you in all your successes and failures. They can't drink before games, but they definitely will be right after they get off the field. Rugby players spend their days roasting their teammates so they acquire a quick wit to respond towards anyone else.

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Be prepared for cuts and bruises in the strangest of places We have no idea how they happened but be prepared for us to regularly look like the victims of domestic abuse 3.

Nothing will cheer us up after a defeat There is nothing that will wind us up more than losing a game and unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to change that 4.

Rugby players have the highest pain tolerance I’ve ever seen.It's kind of weird, but you have to remember your sharing your rugger with the whole team.If you're ever hungry, expect your rugger to be hungry too.I have never seen anyone consume a larger consumption of alcohol then I have from a rugby player. Half the time they won’t even notice the amount of mud, blood, or booze they have on them until the next morning.Rugby players come in all shapes and sizes, but you never hear them talking bad about one another’s physiques.

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