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Titus is said to have ministered of his own initiative.

Women’s experience as managers of these households, their “social authority, economic power, and political influence”, established their leadership in other domains in Greco-Roman society and even synagogue leadership in Jewish society.[5] was “’the “basic cell’ of the Christian movement, and its nucleus was often an existing household.”[6] At first, almost all the Christian assemblies were small, some consisting of only one or two extended households.[7] In large cities such as Rome, Corinth, and Ephesus there were several house churches with some kind of network which connected the house churches within each city together. Plus there would be some kind of exhortation, the expression of worship, and the exercise of charismatic ministries.[11] How these house churches were led or organised, however, is not known with certainty, and there seems to have been variety in how ministries were exercised.The first overseers (, might also function in some leadership capacity.If the examples of the churches founded by Paul are indicative of church life in general, all members could participate in the meetings, however, not just the leaders (e.g., 1 Cor. People sometimes ministered on their own initiative. He devoted himself and his household to ministry (1 Cor. He probably had seen a need and had the means to meet that need.However, at other times people were commissioned by their church for ministry (e.g., Acts 6:3; 13:2-3).Jesus had warned against a ruling kind of leadership in ministry, and he exemplified ministering as a servant.

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