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People can be friends with the ones they like, be it of their own or different sex.

Varying levels of friendship exists too, such as best friends and best friends forever.

Two people who get to know each other during school days, their friendship develops over time, they become really close and know everything about each other, but due to the nature of life, they drift apart and after few years meet again with the same enthusiasm.

This is because friendship is based on trust and support between two people.

Some other differences will be mentioned in bullet points at the end.

The best way to describe friendship is by giving a simple example.

It is more than just a regular association with other person and goes deeper.

A friendship usually is between people of the same sex or people of the opposite sex, but relationship mostly is among the people of different sexes.

It is possible to have a friendship without a relationship, but relationships which are not based on friendships do not last for a long time.

People can be in a relationship through commitment or by blood relations or marriage.

It can, therefore, be said that a friendship can last for a long time while a relationship is not assured to last long but might end up being a long one.

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