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All sediments and soils contain trace amounts of radioactive isotopes including uranium, thorium, rubidium and potassium.

These slowly decay over time and the ionizing radiation they produce is absorbed by other constituents of the soil sediments such as quartz and feldspar.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using each.

For quartz one normally uses blue or green excitation and measures the near ultra-violet emission.

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The resulting radiation damage within these minerals remains as structurally unstable electron traps within the mineral grains.

Stimulating samples using either blue, green or infrared light causes a luminescence signal to be emitted as the stored unstable electron energy is released, the intensity of which varies depending on the amount of radiation absorbed during burial.

In 1994 the principles behind Optical dating (and thermoluminescence dating) were extended to include surfaces last seen by the sun before buried, of carved rock types from ancient monuments and artifacts, made of granite, basalt and sandstone, and this has proved possible.Optical dating is one of several techniques in which an age is calculated as follows: (age) = (total absorbed radiation dose) / (radiation dose rate).The radiation dose rate is calculated from measurements of the radioactive elements (K, U, Th and Rb) within the sample and its surroundings and the radiation dose rate from cosmic rays.The optical dating method relies on the assumption that the mineral grains were sufficiently exposed to sunlight before they were buried.This is usually, but not always, the case with Aeolian deposits, such as sand dunes and loess, and some water-laid deposits.

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The dose rate is usually in the range 0.5 - 5 grays/1000 years.

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