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Our daughter who is 13 had French lessons with Virginie in the mornings whilst the rest of us (mum, dad and an eight year old) hung out by the pool or in the village.

We all had fun exploring French and Provence with her.""Suzanne’s French classes were excellent.

Their renovated French farmhouse offers breathtaking views over the countryside, especially stunning at sun down.

Your graduated & experienced French teacher Emilie, her husband David and children Myrtille (12) & Aristide (18) enjoy cycling, cooking & eating, laughing, music: you will feel welcome by this dynamic family eager to help you practice your French in this scenic off the beaten track region of France.

I learned so much about French history, customs and current events.

This was an experience that I will never forget." Imagine two adjacent traditional French houses, a garden with a large swimming pool and on the side, a student’s bungalow.

You'll dive right into their lives and improve your French while enjoying the beautiful and magical city of Lyon, famous for its gastronomy, mild climate and punctuated throughout the year by major cultural events.

Tell me more Discover the exquisite region of Arcachon with this unique French immersion homestay by the beach.

Although they will encourage you to speak French at all times, they can resort to speaking English if need be (to prepare your trip, explain things clearly or with your accompanying family members).

To ask a stranger or somebody who’s older their name you ask “comment vous appelez-vous?

” If the person he is your age or younger you may ask “comment tu t’appelles?

” There is an easier way of passing somebody their name. ” To somebody who is older than yourself for a stranger. If you’re speaking to a peer to somebody who’s younger you may simply ask “quel est ton nom?

Your personal immersion teacher will meet your level of French, provide tailored French lessons, fun excursions, delicious meals, comfortable accommodations and gently entice you to speak French as you share his/her daily life.

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Tell me more Enjoy an authentic French immersion in the beautiful region of Bayonne, near the Pyrénées mountains and the Atlantic ocean (Biarritz).

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