Dating misconceptions

If you can't genuinely say you know someone, then you probably shouldn't be making any assumptions about him or her. You should use your mouth to actually ASK about these differences, instead of settling with whatever it is you want to think.Sexuality is one of the most personal aspects of somebody.Some bisexual people might feel a stronger connection to a certain gender, or they might like them all equally. Even if you know a bisexual woman who has since come out as gay, you need to respect their sexual orientation no matter what.A lot of people think that if you’re a bi women in a relationship with a man you don’t face a lot of the same prejudices of other gay people.

Just because a black woman isn't dating a black man, that doesn't mean she is repelled by her own race.sounds like an episode of "Animal Planet" that never aired.We need to take a step back sometimes and think about the way we perceive people.Making sweeping statements about everyone who identifies as bi is just incorrect. Just as straight people don’t date anyone of the opposite sex just because they’re the opposite sex neither do bisexual people. The only decision that a bisexual person needs to make is that they’re bisexual. No matter what kind of relationship a bisexual person is in, they will always be bisexual.Their relationship doesn’t dictate who they’re attracted to. Some people like tall people, some people like muscular people.

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Please watch your footing as we step into the land of crooked double standards.

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