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One of the many reasons of visiting this town is its bars, cafés and restaurant that serve the best of local produce you have never experienced.

When in Minsk you must plan a day trip to visit this open air museum located at the south of Minsk.

Minsk can serve to be your safe and enthralling heaven if you are a tourist.

The community in Minsk is generous and if you connect with residents then definitely you will have the time of your life. Also known as Troitskoe Prdemestye was built as a way of remembrance to a settlement stretching back to 12 century.

You literally have to check each and every thing about the person you love, before you transform her into your wife.

Nobody gets married to get divorced in a few days; people get married to have someone to hold on to when they are sad, to be there for someone when she is down, and to always be around the person they love the most.

Belarus is a beautiful country, even better than Bolivia and city of Minsk is its capital and provides the tourists more of a multinational and sophisticated flair to life than many other cities.

You can climb to a windmill or do horseback riding.

Belorussian women are not only beautiful on the outside, but have great inner worlds.

Thousand of personalized profiles are at your disposal.

One of the top pubs that brew their own beer is Rakovsky Brover.

They brew four different kinds of beers and on special occasions like Christmas they brew specials beer like Dark Beer.

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One can expand the boundaries of knowledge just by travelling to various places.

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