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Back in the ages when there was no water or regular hot showers, people probably didn’t bathe often. Odds are, the first time you look at an uncut man after sleeping with a bevy of cut men, it’s obvious that you’d notice a difference.And circumcision may have been a trend for the sake of personal hygiene. But it’s almost insignificant really and nothing like the stories of loads of skin that we’re grown up hearing.We got into bed and I apprehensively told him that I was rather scared to see him naked down there.

One fine evening, I asked him to come back to my place.

It wasn’t his ethnicity, and definitely had nothing to do with his spicy Indian curries.

Deep inside, I just knew there was a big chance that he was uncut down there.

It was office romance after a few sights, and a few casual dates later, I found myself falling for him.

But somewhere in my mind, I wasn’t ready for a relationship with him just yet.

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