Dating membership management software

With Sumac, you can automate routine tasks and streamline membership management.Automate applications, payments and renewals, allow member functions on your website, and automate member communication. Sumac has a cloud service that allows you to share and update donor data from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Staff and volunteers can access the same database at the same time from anywhere, so everyone always has the most up-to-date data.You can also send automated membership renewal emails based on anniversary date.Additionally, members can also log-in to their computer or mobile device, and renew their membership on the spot!

Members can review previous event registrations and upcoming events and modify existing registrations in one place.​Online membership directories are a great way to help your members connect with each other.

You can customize application processing rules to suit your needs.

Eventgrid’s membership management software allows you to offer membership benefits to your members.

Whether it’s a brand new car or just a Chipotle burrito, free stuff makes you happy.

So what if you could get something you need and would actually invest money in for free?

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