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” He looked at me the same way he’d looked at me when I suggested we move in together, or marry, or breed, an expression equal parts terror and love. We picked each other’s profile pictures, bounced off the other’s possible bios.We both agreed that the most appealing descriptors seemed to be the shortest.Pete went with Within a few hours of beginning the experiment, my matches accumulated.I received one message after another, plenty from creeps but plenty from seemingly respectable suitors.In the years since, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and talking and writing about marriage, and I’d begun to notice more and more women subverting, reimagining, or challenging received notions surrounding the institution, specifically when it came to monogamy.More women were beginning to see opening their marriages as a legitimate and in many ways appealing option.I wondered if Tinder, which brought the world of dating within finger-tap distance, was accelerating the shift? A few days later, I asked my husband if he’d mind if the two of us set up profiles and tried out the app. “Just texting and chatting.” After a decade and a half together, we weren’t in any acute crisis.It seemed common knowledge that apps like Tinder had transformed single life and dating. We weren’t fighting constantly or sleeping in separate bedrooms.

As a single woman, I might have rolled my eyes at their ogling. It reminded me of how tipsy I got from the first beer I drank after nine months of pregnancy abstention.

And that’s always at their unwitting partner’s expense. And the reality is that this is as simple as we need to get with the reasons why people cheat.

WHY isn’t really the question we ask when it happens to us, anyway. Asking WHY usually is just another way of trying to figure out where we screwed up along the way, anyway.

At the same time, I could feel how exhausting the very same experience would be were I a single person looking for a committed life partner, a person with whom I wanted to live and own property and raise children. “Isn’t winking what you do when you’re not being explicit? After a day or two, he told me he was coming to Chicago for a friend’s wedding and asked if he could take me out for dinner.

Perhaps, I thought, the less one needed from men, the more one could enjoy them. I was considering the proposal when he said that after dinner, he’d really like me to come with him to his hotel room.

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