Dating lawyers tips

Those long nights spent researching case law are much easier when their caffeine is flowing. Whether they are burning the midnight oil or getting up early to make appearances in court, many lawyers lean on good coffee to get them through the day.

Your house may start to smell like beans if you're not careful.

Law school is a meat grinder where people are rewarded for being the first person through the door and the last person to leave at night.

Just make sure you are prepared for dating a lawyer.

Lawyers can be smart, argumentative, and difficult to handle. He may also get those pesky phone calls from relatives during holidays.

If she's a civil litigator, then she'll likely be working long hours and traveling the country to chase down the next big case.

If you want a relationship with a lawyer to be successful, you may have to accommodate this little quirk.

Think of it as a new way of seeing things that can lend some insight to your own life.

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