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Discover how you can create a tiny lifestyle that includes owning your own home, whether it’s a tiny house on wheels, van, or camper that you can take with you, or just a sweet tiny cabin in the mountains.

Ethan built his own tiny house on wheels in 2012 and has been educating other tiny house hopefuls ever since.

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Lee Pera is an early pioneer in the tiny house movement and she actually helped build the first tiny house community that I ever saw, which was Boneyard Studios in Washington D. I wanted to have Lee on the show because she is planning a tour to teach classes in construction project management, and in addition to that, she has a lot of experience building tiny house communities.

In fact, they hired a builder expecting the house to be finished for them.

He hand builds windows, doors, roofs, and more, and incorporates amazing curves that lend the houses an almost fairytale or dreamlike appearance.We’re going to be talking about trailer terminology, different styles of trailers, and also which types of trailers I recommend for building your tiny house on wheels.Erin Maile O' Keefe is a talented designer who designed and built the Paper Boat tiny house for herself and her husband, where they live in the backyard of a house that they own.In this conversation we'll break down the Paper Boat design, and in the process, share some of the ways that Erin thinks about designing tiny spaces so that they work for the occupants.Lindsay and her husband Eric were not expecting to build their tiny home themselves.

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