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Do we spend the kind of energy on people that empowers them? Do we approach every conversation with our friends in a way that when it is over, they feel better for having had that conversation and know without a doubt that they are cared about.With all my friend was going through the last few years with her health, she spent very little time discussing it.

For most of our friendship we lived in different cities, so outside of a few visits back and forth, most of our conversations were on the phone.

Last week, an email popped up from one of the best people I know. The million things I want to say to her flood my mind.

She has been battling breast cancer for five years, and the long fight is drawing to a close.

If you’ve ever rented a car at the airport, you typically are stopped at a gated exit where the car rental employee looks over the paperwork, checks your driver’s license and sends you on your way.

One of the questions they will typically ask is, “Would you like the fuel option?

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”My response was, “Do you mean another order of fries, or did you mean to ask me if I’d like a hot apple pie with that chicken sandwich and fries? At first, she blushed with embarrassment and then laughed.

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