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Some elements of the game such as browsing the available chat rooms and stores is available through your browser however the chat rooms require one of the a...[Read More]Animal Jam is a virtual world for children that incorporates real animal and plant facts into fun storylines that are supported by National Geographic educational content.The game has no outside advertising and is playable within an internet browser.Blurring the lines between social network and MMO Dogzer lets you adopt a virtual dog and look after it while participating in a large community of dog lovers.With well over 50 dog breeds for players to choose from there is plenty of choice when ...[Read More]Club Cooee is one of the more unique virtual chat rooms available and is a great experience for fans of titles that merge social virtual worlds with games, vast avatar customisation and 3D chat rooms (such as IMVU).The game was launched in 2010 and was developed by Smart Bomb Interactive...[Read More]Touch (by 3Claws) is a dance focused experience that offers K-Pop music as a core gameplay mechanic while players attempt to take their character from nobody to a music star.Featuring anime graphic styling with a wealth of over the top customisation this Korean themed adventure is colourful and full of pop.

The game expands on the popular blend of fashion and time management from the previous game instalments.

Available in either your browser (or one of the available mobile apps) you’ll be surprised by just how much depth ...[Read More]Poptropica is free online game designed for children and teenagers that offers a virtual world mixed with a number of role playing elements.

The game is owned by Person PLC and was released in September 2007.

The game was developed by Serial Clicker, a development team that specialises in games for children.

At the start of your Doll And The City adventure players will focus on creating their doll (...[Read More]Secret Builders is a virtual world that targets children between the ages of 5 and 14.

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To start your ...[Read More]Imagine being the director of your very own movie set?

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